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My recipe today will be into waffle and latte sort of coffee recipes. If you want walnuts with coffee, then you may love my recipes todayexperience then!

Belgian Waffle Breve
If you want some thing sweetthis can be your cup of espresso.

enough for 1 character (tall glass)
1) 2 tablespoons of Vanilla syrup
2) 1 tablespoon of walnut as well as maple syrup respectively
2) 1 shot of organic coffee
threezero.75 cup of low fat steamed milk
4) 2 slices of strawberry as garnish
55 to six ice cubes

Equipments wanted
espresso maker and electronic blender

Steps for guidance:
1. positioned the whole thing into the blender cup besides strawberry slices which we are able to be used it later.

2. blend it for 2 mins until all properly combined.

three. Take an empty glass and pour your espresso into the glass.

4placed 2 slices of strawberry on pinnacle of the coffee as garnish.

fiverevel in your coffee.


Black Walnut Latte
simple way of blending your espresso with Walnut.

sufficient for 1 character (tall glass)
1) three tablespoons of Macadamia nut syrup
2) 1 tablespoon of Hazelnut blacklatteoficial syrup
2) 1 shot of natural coffee
three0.seventy five cup of low fats steamed milk
four) 1 small tablespoon of cinnamon powder as garnish
58 ice cubes

Equipments wished
espresso maker and electronic blender

Steps for education:
1. Take an empty blender cup and placed all of your elements into the blender cup except the garnish which we will be used it inside the later degree.

2. combo it for a while until all well combined.

three. Take an empty glass and pour your latte into the glass.

fourearlier than you serve it, unfold the dust of cinnamon powder on pinnacle of the latte as garnish.

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